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Blogging… what is that?!

Thanks for joining me! Please feel free to scroll over the “Categories” tab for more posts. Fair warning: I have no idea what I’m doing here. But it seems that everyone and their grandmother have a blog (mine definitely does not, for the record!) so I thought I’d better jump on that train or risk seeming uncool (side note: I’m definitely uncool). My first blog post was actually back in January, when I posted some tips for DIY remodeling. However, my intention for this blog is to be less about remodeling a condo, and maybe more about how to get that condo in the first place. I am by no means an expert on lifing, but I seem to have a few things figured out, at least.

The only thing predictable about life is it’s unpredictability. – Ratatouille, 2007

Allie, my 21 year old OTTB, me, and Scout, my 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Kelpie/German Shepherd/Husky/baby angel mix

You’re probably thinking, ‘WHY SHOULD I LISTEN TO YOU?!’ And to that, I will answer that there is no reason you should, or shouldn’t. However, I will tell you about my accomplishments, and you can choose. I am a big believer in making educated and thought-out decisions! (#lesson1).

  1. I started college at 16 and got my Associate’s Degree at 17, and I did not have to pay for it (and nor did my parents).
  2. I moved out from my parent’s house and started paying my own bills shortly after my 18th birthday.
  3. I have sorely underestimated the cost of lifing, and been really, really poor
  4. I got myself out of that poor-hole, and worked 39 hours a week, commuted 15, had a horse, and was in my junior year of college full-time. That SUCKED.
  5. I own two investment properties (one is my personal residence, but a) I rent out a room for 70% of my mortgage, and b) when I move on, it will net me about $500+ a month in profit, after all my expenses
  6. I own and manage a HALFWAY house (yes, a halfway house! This is investment property #2)
  7. Though I would consider myself beginner-to-intermediate in terms of stock investing, I have done decently, though I am extremely conservative in my stock portfolio
  8. My highest credit score (when I was working really hard to qualify for my house) was 799, and my average score is 750
  9. I remodeled my condo mostly by myself, saving about $15,000 in labor and construction costs
  10. I live in one of the hottest housing markets in the country (Seattle)
  11. I work full-time, from home! Yay pajamas!
  12. Oh yeah, and I’m 21.

Okay, DONE humble-bragging! Or is that straight-up bragging?! You decide… Anyway, I do think it’s really important to take stock of your accomplishments, and allow yourself to be proud of them. I’ve worked hard, yo! I deserve to brag! And you know what? You do too! Even if you live in a box on the side of the road, you have a shelter! (And amazingly, an internet connection). Or maybe you just got your first apartment. Congrats, that’s super exciting! Or you’re going to college in your 40s, or you mastered the art of cake decorating, or you just got a hamster/house plant, or you learned how to do laundry, or you just got a credit card, or WHATEVER. You have to be happy with your accomplishments, no matter how small or insignificant they are. Someone will always, always be doing better than you. But someone will also always be doing worse. We all come from wildly different backgrounds and life experiences, and unfortunately, many of us can’t hit the ground running. Public education doesn’t exactly prepare you for being an adult, that’s for dang sure.

Anyway, the point is, read my blog or don’t. It’s all good, I won’t be offended (mostly because I will actually be shocked if I end up with even one reader 😉 ) I will strive to provide you with useful information, that isn’t “save each and every penny” or “never order a Starbucks again”. We could always be doing better financially, but we could also always be doing worse.